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Panorama house Bükkszék

Bükkszék is a beautiful, quiet, safe town at the foot of the Bükk Mountains, from where the Mátra can be reached in minutes. It is world-famous for the Salvus medicinal water, whose beneficial effects can be enjoyed in the town’s spa by visitors. Its natural values are unparalleled. The forest completely surrounding the town offers great hiking opportunities. From Bükkszék, the castle of Sirok, the towns of the Mátra – Recsk, Parád, Mátraderecske, Mátrafüred as well as Eger are all within a short distance.

The entire house is suitable for accommodating up to 8 people. It is ideal for families, small groups of friends, and couples looking for a joint relaxation, romantic moments, and spending quality time together. The garden features a jacuzzi and a sun terrace for the guests’ relaxation, and the outdoor pergola offers a breathtaking panorama while skewering or cooking in a cauldron.

Highlighted services

Jacuzzi terrace

The five-person hydro-massage jacuzzi and the comfortable sofas on the terrace offer a great opportunity for pleasant relaxation in any season.

Skewer and pergola

In the covered pergola, we can enjoy a delicious meal or drink while enjoying the beautiful panorama, watching the food being cooked in the cauldron, or the others skewering.

Playground and ping-pong

While the younger ones swing and slide in the playground, the older children and adults can play an exciting game of ping-pong.

Basket breakfast

A day starts well with a full stomach. With us, this is true! If you consume our plentiful basket breakfast, that day cannot go wrong! It can be ordered as per request with the reservation.

Additional services

Baby friendly

We can provide portable cribs, baby bathtubs, high chairs, baby food warmers, and diaper changing facilities for those with small children.

DOG Friendly

Dogs are welcomed in the apartment, ensuring that residents can comfortably enjoy the company of their furry friends at home.

Netflix and fast wifi

Reliable Netflix access is provided at the accommodation, so you can enjoy your favorite series and movies comfortably on a large screen TV.

Camera monitored parking space

We offer our guests a safe parking opportunity in a camera-monitored parking lot.

Bükkszék and its surroundings


The Bükkszék Bath is a real attraction for those who wish to swim and bathe. Once someone has bathed in the circular pool and felt the beneficial effects of the 35-degree Celsius Salvus medicinal water and the unique atmosphere of the village, they are sure to want to return and visit again. The bath includes a swimming pool, adventure pool, children’s pool, slide park, and one of Central Europe’s longest slides, measuring 136 meters in length.

Today, the medicinal water of Bükkszék is commonly referred to as one of the strongest domestic medicinal waters. The Salvus medicinal water is unique in the world in terms of its composition. Among the anions, it contains a remarkable amount of hydrogen carbonate, which, together with the other components, creates a complex effect, making the water one of the most peculiar medicinal waters. The halogen elements dissolved in Salvus medicinal water are also beneficial for healthy people.



One can find Hungary’s most wild and romantic cliff castle along the Tarna, at the top of Castle Hill, which was built not just on top of the rock mass but also into it. They carved massive passages, stairs, and chambers into the belly of the mountain made of rhyolite tuff, which await visitors interested in adventures.

A thousand years of history, a baroque setting, fine wines, hospitality, and colorful programs await in Eger, Hungary’s city filled with legends, just 25 minutes from Bükkszék.


The picturesque Lillafüred lies on the eastern edge of the Bükk Mountains, 70 km from Bükkszék at the confluence of the Garadna and Szinva valleys, by the shores of Lake Hámori, crowned with majestic beech forests in a wild, romantic basin. The romantic, idyllic atmosphere is enhanced by numerous sights.